Weekends are for the warriors :)

10 Sep

Happy weekend, everyone !! Unfortunately, no new stories of strangers on the couch for today… but, there were some cops snooping around in the bushes at the neighbors house last night around 11… hmm, weird.

Anyways, I have to vent about how extremely disappointed I am that I’ve been putting off my crafting ALL summer long, because Olde Salem Days was today and instead of being the cutest booth there with the most adorable headbands and tutus, I was the one walking around looking at all the other displays, kicking myself for not being on top of things since last year. But I have to say that my stuff was just as cute and displayed 10x better last year than anything I saw there today. Oh, and I have to share Rhonda’s Painted-Creations with you… I’ll give her credit for her adorable work, especially the clothes pin photo holders & the clip boards 🙂

On a side note, Kinsley’s accomplishment for the day: scaring the hell out of mommy and daddy by deciding she wanted to climb out of the crib during nap time. Luckily there were blankets under her crib for just that reason. But apparently the fall didn’t scare her enough, because the minute I laid her back down she was climbing again. Looks like someone is getting a big girl bed for Christmas!


Now it’s time for some UVA football and a house full of kids!


What I do in my cubicle

8 Sep


This is my newest creation for the day 🙂 the colors look a little crazy on my phone, but it’s purple, lime, & black… Just in time for Halloween!! If you’d like a custom tutu for a costume, get your order in now so it can be done by Halloween!

Cameras for sale…

7 Sep

Another quick post before bedtime 🙂

If anyone is interested, I have 3 cameras for sale:

Nikon N65 FILM  camera – bought in ’08 for photography class for $900… used twice.

Kodak Easy Share Zsomething – ’10 bought  used, but still works great.

Sony Cyber-Shot – bought Xmas ’11 and ready to move on.

Trying to upgrade to something new, if you want more info let me know 🙂

Craft Shows!

7 Sep

Hello all 🙂 Just thought I’d update you on the craft shows that are coming up this holiday season… Buttons&Such will be attending the Northside Middle School “Holiday Temptations” craft show on Saturday, October 15th from 9-4. You can check out their Facebook page to get more info! We will also be at the Kazim Shrine Holiday Show on December 17th from 9-4. Check back in for updates on more shows to come!

Tuesday Creations

6 Sep

I feel like I’ve spent the entire day working on the business/blog in between my breaks at my 9-5. So, after I finally got home, I got to work on these cute little flowers 🙂

Again, I got lucky and found a few great tutorials online. The bottom flower is the same as the ones from last night’s post. Top right is another flower how-to from Nancy. The top left blue flower was an accident with the sewing machine and scissors, and this is my improv on the left-overs… not too bad! Again, look for these on headbands and accessories in the near future (meaning whenever the UPS man decides to bring my my supplies…)

Goodnight !!

rainy days

5 Sep

Happy Labor Day 🙂 how has the weather been in your neck of the woods? Well, here in the 540 it’s been raining non-stop all day long. So, I figured I had nothing better to do than teach myself how to work this sewing machine that I just bought… After all, it can’t be that  hard… right?!

Actually, it wasn’t! I got lucky and found this great tutorial online this morning by Nancy, on how to make the cutest rolled fabric flowers. Sooo, about 3:30 we packed Muffin up into the car and headed out to Jo-Anne’s fabric with our Labor Day coupons in hand. I got my glue, fabric. felt, thread, and $60 more worth of stuff and spent the rest of the night threading the needle and cutting fabric until I finally accomplished a basic zig-zag stitch… So, after many trial runs and tangled strings, here’s the final product!

These will be going on to a headband soon! Plus: keep your eye out for new fabrics and designs all week 🙂

Buttons & Such

5 Sep


Here’s the full gallery from our mini session yesterday! The girls did an amazing job, look for more photos starring our girls in the future! Our Etsy shop will be up and running soon! These items above will be featured, along with more! Thanks for all the support from our fans!

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