Weekends are for the warriors :)

10 Sep

Happy weekend, everyone !! Unfortunately, no new stories of strangers on the couch for today… but, there were some cops snooping around in the bushes at the neighbors house last night around 11… hmm, weird.

Anyways, I have to vent about how extremely disappointed I am that I’ve been putting off my crafting ALL summer long, because Olde Salem Days was today and instead of being the cutest booth there with the most adorable headbands and tutus, I was the one walking around looking at all the other displays, kicking myself for not being on top of things since last year. But I have to say that my stuff was just as cute and displayed 10x better last year than anything I saw there today. Oh, and I have to share Rhonda’s Painted-Creations with you… I’ll give her credit for her adorable work, especially the clothes pin photo holders & the clip boards 🙂

On a side note, Kinsley’s accomplishment for the day: scaring the hell out of mommy and daddy by deciding she wanted to climb out of the crib during nap time. Luckily there were blankets under her crib for just that reason. But apparently the fall didn’t scare her enough, because the minute I laid her back down she was climbing again. Looks like someone is getting a big girl bed for Christmas!


Now it’s time for some UVA football and a house full of kids!


One Response to “Weekends are for the warriors :)”

  1. When the Kids Go To Bed September 12, 2011 at 5:31 am #

    Love the V-Tech shirt! Lesson on planning head learned. I’m sure the next show will be even more fabulous!!

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