Strangers on the couch

3 Sep

I’m still completely speechless about our adventure this morning, but I have to share. We woke up around 8 when we heard Kinsley making noise… nothing unusual, went to the kitchen, used the bathroom, walked back past the couch. But wait, who is this hairy man who’s sleeping on my sofa? Not Scott… not Scott’s friend (who stayed in our guest room last night)… but a stranger. In my house. Sleeping.


So we proceed to wake this guy up, who is very obviously hungover and just as confused as we were. I didn’t even have enough time to process what was going on before he promptly stood up and asked if we knew how he ended up on our couch. Note that the man was barefoot. So we calmly let him know that this is not his house, and it would be greatly appriciated if he would leave before we called the cops. He thanked us, appoligized, and left. Not sure where he came from, who he was, how he got into our house, or why he chose our couch to crash on. Just glad that we ended up with an odd and humorous story and not a robbery or worse.

I feel like my morning was a scene straight from Half Baked



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